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Photo of the Week

dsc_0018As I dove into 2017 I thought, ‘I’d like to have a photo everyday of the year.’ Then I thought, ‘That sounds like a lot of work, how about one per week instead? Yes, let’s do that.’

Camera: Nikon D60 10.2 MP Digital SLR

Photographer: Emma, Amateur (at best)

Week 1: January 1-7

It was a cold week in Colorado with temperatures as low as 5 degrees Fahrenheit. While out for a walk I came across a tree fort filled with ornaments. Even though the holidays are over, it looks as if a group of children are holding on to a bit of Christmas spirit.


Week 2: January 8-14

I’ve been wanting a wreath for our front door for quite some time now but all of the ones I’ve liked are over $50 – that’s just ridiculous! I decided to make me own wreath instead. I grabbed supplies from Hobby Lobby and created this lovely piece in about 2 hours. It’s beginning to look a lot like springtime!


Week 3 January 15-21

It’s the third week of my photo challenge and I want to feature my husband and photo assistant, Michael. He has encouraged me to get outside, take photos and explore, even when it’s freezing. He even carries my tripod for me. Take notes, fellas. We spent all day in Denver taking photos and even though I got some awesome architectural shots, I couldn’t stop staring at this one. Sorry about all the cheese, I just really love this guy.


Week 4 January 22-28

On Wednesday, we stayed up way past our usual weekday bedtime and went to a concert downtown. I’ve recently fallen in love with a band named Flor and when I saw that they would be in town I couldn’t help but buy tickets. The concert was wonderful, and it was absolutely worth getting home just before 11:00 p.m. Yes, that’s considered late for us. Don’t judge.


Week 5 January 29 – February 4

Michael and I have been planning our big Europe trip for a few years now, and by planning I mean I show him my Italy Pinterest board and he sends me photos of beaches in Greece with a cheesy, “wish we were here” text. Now we are taking our planning a lot more seriously and researching Europe every chance we get. Speaking of, did you know that they moved the Denver Tattered Cover Bookstore into Union Station? It’s like, an eighth of the size it used to be. #InternetKilledtheBookstore


Week 6 February 5 – 11

I’ll admit it, one of my guilty pleasures is watching The Bachelor. So when I found out Sean Lowe from the 17th season was coming to Denver I promptly snagged two tickets. I was freaking out while in line wondering what I was going to say. Then, when I got up to him, I totally panicked and said, “Hi Sean, I have one really important question for you….does Dominos pay you to tweet about pizza? Because you tweet about pizza a lot. Oh also I think your son Samuel is really adorable.” Fail. Oh well, at least I made him laugh.


Week 7 February 12 – 18

This beautiful piece of art is found somewhere in Denver. Any guesses where? Here’s a hint: my husband and I are on a mission to find the best breakfast burrito in town and have been deep in our research for a few weeks now. We are becoming quite the breakfast burrito connoisseurs. Spoiler alert: Best Breakfast Burritos in Denver blog COMING SOON!


Week 8 February 19 – 25

Have you ever wondered where the hipsters go on a Saturday in Denver? Well, when they’re not shopping at Boss Vintage they head over to Esquire to catch the latest Independent Film at Landmark Esquire on Downing Street. At least, that’s what I would assume that they do…I wouldn’t know because I’m not a hipster. By the way, Lion is an amazing movie and this place has some bomb popcorn.


Week 9 February 26 – March 4

This is our patio and one of my favorite places to be. The weather is getting warmer and it’s finally pleasant enough to sit here in the mornings with a cup of coffee. It almost makes me wish that I read the newspaper.


Week 10 March 5 -11

This week has been the hardest week of the year thus far because I’ve lost a lot of faith in humanity. A month ago our car was hit while it was parked in our apartment complex. The woman left a note admitting guilt and agreed to pay for the damages. Since then, she has verbally harassed my husband and I, refused to provide insurance information, tried to “improve” the damages on our car without our permission and now has stopped responding completely and has not paid for any damages. We have called our insurance a dozen times, the non-emergency line 3 times, and visited the police station once. No one has helped us. It’s looking like the woman who hit our car and admitted to the crime is going to get away without paying a dime. I’m really hoping that this experience can strengthen me but at this moment I feel as though it has weakened me. f9aaa076c297bf267f8eb29dc54464d4

Week 11 March 12 – 18

She’s on the prowl. It’s officially spring and Lola is out and hunting again. She can be found in the bushes outside of our apartment, patiently waiting for mice to make a mistake and reveal themselves. The hunt wasn’t so successful this week and Lola only managed to bring home a nearly dead spider. Not one of her proudest moments, but she’s just warming up.



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